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Our Friends in Space!

  Astro Tours Broome - a great night under the stars in WA's north
AES Astronomy Education Services - Rick Tonello is one of Gingin Observatory's terrific astronomers
 AGWA Astronomy Group of WA (AGWA) - join up today and learn more about astronomy
 ASWA Astronomical Society of WA (ASWA) - join up today and learn more about astronomy
 Astronomy WA Astronomy WA - here's where to find anything and everthing that's happening in WA's astronomy community
 AIGO Australian International Gravitational Observatory - the detection of gravitational waves and the development of gravitational astronomy
ESA European Space Agency  ESA European Space Agency
 Gravity  Discovery Centre Logo Gravity Discovery Centre - (right next door) to Gingin Observatory and a great place to visit
 ICRAR International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research - a collaborative centre already achieving research excellence in astronomical science and engineering




Mars Society Australia - join up today and find out more about the red planet

Perth Observatory - Australia's oldest continuously operating professional observatory and a wonderful night out under the stars
 SCIENCE NETWORK WA ScienceNetwork WA - connects you to news, events and information from all corners of WA's science community
 SCIETECH Scitech and Horizon - the Planetarium - a brilliant science facility that Perth is fortunate to have
 SKA Square Kilometre Array - the world's next giant leap forward in discovering more about the Universe
sg logo Stargazers Club WA- New online Stargazers Club 
 WALLINGUP RESEARCH Wallingup Research - making sense of science with John Jacob
 zadko2 Zadko Telescope - amazing $1M telescope involved in groundbreaking research right next door to Gingin Observatory



( Jet Propulsion Labartories) California Institue of Technology-

Mudgee Observatory


Mudgee Observatory - Mudgee NSW

Siding Springs Observatory- Coonabarabran NSW

Sidings Springs Observatory- Coonabarabran NSW

Located in the mountains near Coonabarabran in NSW-the Siding Springs Observatory is Australia's premier optical and infared observatory.  The ANU's research school of Astronomy and Astophisics operates it's reaseach telescope at this Location. 

Parkes Telescope - The Dish Parkes NSW

CSIRO Parkes Telescope NSW - The Dish

Located just out side the NSW town of Parkes, the Observatory hosts a 64metre Radio Telescope famously known as" The Dish". One of the telescopes comprising the CSIRO's Australia's Telescope National Facility.

Heavens Above


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